Make sure to stay hydrated before class. Proper hydration will aid in the release of toxins and help to boost the overall function of every system of the body.

Practicing on an empty stomach is key. Avoid eating 2-3 hours prior to class to maximize blood flow to the muscles, organs and glands vs. the digestive system during the postures.

Prior to class, check in at the front desk. Notify the teacher of any special needs you may have so that we are aware and may give you the proper modifications needed for a safe class.

Remove shoes and chewing gum before entering the yoga room. We request that our yoga rooms be cell phone free, however if circumstances require you to be on call (or you need to leave early) please notify us prior to class and respectfully place yourself near the back of the room.

We ask you to honor silence in the yoga rooms. Honoring silence before, during and after practice allows you to set your intention, practice mindfulness and integrate the depth of your practice. Thank you for honoring this sacred space.

Your main goal before any others is to allow yourself to stay in the room at all times. The heat assists detoxification through the sweat. It is common to occasionally feel light headed, nauseous and dizzy no matter what your level of experience is with heated classes. Breathe, rest when you need to, hydrate or lay down.

Respect the teacher, fellow students and tradition. Practice mindfulness and stay aware that you are participating in a group class. The teacher may give modifications to lessen the postures or to advance. Each class has a purpose and intention. Be respectful to stay with the teacher and the postures given while knowing your own limits. We offer many different levels and styles of classes to meet your needs.

Honor your edge. This is your practice, your sacred space on the mat, give your personal best every class, be open to the transformations yoga provides. Practice, Practice, Practice!

Beginner’s Mind, Non-Striving, Non-Judgment, Acceptance, Patience, Letting Go and Trust.

Please return any rental items in the designated bins: mats, towels, yogi toes.


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