26-2 HOT YOGA (90 min / 75min / 60min classes) - Previously known as Bikram method. A class of 26 static postures systematically works every muscle, gland, and organ in the body. Hot Yoga is an excellent foundation to learn proper alignment and develop strength, flexibility, balance and concentration. Suitable for all ability levels. Temp of 105 degrees; 40% humidity.

VINYASA YOGA - A vigorous flow style of yoga (Vinyasa) that synchronizes breath with movement. It will offer a balance of strength, flexibility, and endurance to challenge the fitness enthusiast. The course will begin with instruction on the alignment of the poses and move toward linking all the poses together in a continuous flow by the end of the session.

POWER FLOW - Designed to build endurance, strength and flexibility with a strong focus on matching the breath to the movements. Sun Salutation format, in which several postures are connected together, will be used throughout the entire class. This class is for those who wish to deepen the connection between yoga postures (asanas) and breath, and those who would like to receive a more cardiovascular yoga workout. The room is usually heated in these classes. Plan to sweat.

YOGA SCULPT - Vinyasa meets cardio and strength training in this one-hour, movement packed class! You will strengthen and tone, while sculpting through a series of sequences set to up tempo music and upbeat instruction. Work up a sweat, and let the hour fly by in this fast-paced powerhouse yoga-based class with added weights and a bit of heat!

HOT PILATES - Combining Pilates prin­ci­ples with high inten­sity inter­val train­ing and is performed in a room heated to 95 degrees Fahren­heit and 40% humidity. The high inten­sity inter­val train­ing keeps your heart rate up, help­ing you burn fat. The Pilates prin­ci­ples sculpt you body, cre­at­ing long lean mus­cle mass. The heat loosens up the mus­cles quickly, and the humid­ity makes you sweat — ele­vat­ing your heart rate, boost­ing metab­o­lism, and pro­mot­ing detoxification.

BOOTCAMP WITH WEIGHTS - A popular interval class that mixes light weights and body weight exercises with cardio and strength training. Designed to keep you excited by presenting you with a different routine each class. We will guide you and push you harder than you’d normally push themselves, while maintaining constant progression!

GENTLE YOGA - Designed for those who prefer a class less vigorous . It includes gentle stretches and breathing as well as simple movements designed to systematically increase the range of motion of every major joint and increase energy. This class is ideal for students with chronic symptoms such as muscle/joint pain, stiffness, weakness, or fatigue. (great for students coming back from injury)

RESTORATIVE YOGA - A form of yoga that seeks to achieve physical, mental and emotional relaxation with the aid of props. The use of props makes it easier for you to maintain balance while you are stimulating and relaxing your body. Provides healing for the body and the mind. It is especially useful when you need to eliminate fatigue and stress that result from your daily activities. It can also help you recover from illness and injury or overcome emotional distress.

YIN YOGA - Yin yoga is a passive practice of yoga that deeply nourishes the connective tissues (joints, ligaments, fascia). Poses are held for several minutes to gently open the body and rehabilitate the tissues. In yin yoga, we are also stimulating the meridian channels of the body, rivers of energy (chi) that live within our facial network. This stimulation creates a balanced flow of chi that supports the body’s vibrancy and physiology as well as promotes mental and emotional balance & well-being.

KRAZY KIDZ YOGA - Yoga is an amazing tool to promote self-awareness(body control), self-esteem, body awareness and ultimately Self-Love. When yoga is presented to children these things are nurtured and supported.

FAMILY YOGA - Designed for children between the ages of 5-9 and their loved ones. Each class will build upon principles of Mindfulness and Yogic philosophy offered through storytelling and creative expression. The use of asana (yogic poses) and breath meditation make this a Yoga class, yet the tone is slow and playful. Family Yoga is meant to help build a focused connection and awareness of body and breath in an environment that is a safe space to express yourself.

CANCER THERAPY YOGA - Yoga postures appropriate for survivors of all types of cancer and their therapeutic advantages, contraindications, and modifications; We teach how yoga can help to reduce pain, build muscle mass and bone, and foster a healthy lifestyle while undergoing chemotherapy, surgeries and/or radiation.

QOYA YOGA - A shift in thinking that evolves the way we have been taught to move our bodies as women. Drawn from the wisdom of yoga, creative expression in dance and the pleasure found in sensual movement, Qoya helps women enjoy and revel in their feminine bodies. Qoya classes combine traditional benefits of fitness -- including strength, flexibility, balance and agility training -- with a unique empowering approach that is feminine, expressive and, most importantly, FUN! We unite our body and mind, honor the interconnectedness in ourselves and our world, consciously create community, give rise to our intentions, encourage our desires to dance through us and, thereby, nourish our soul.

BUTI YOGA - BUTI means "the cure to something hidden below the surface" in the Indian dialect Marathi. The signature movement infuses yoga, tribal dance and plyometrics into a total body workout that transforms the body from the inside-out. This program bridges the gap between the yoga and fitness worlds by achieving cardio, strength, conditioning, fat-burning, and flexibility in one format.

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